How did the wire process work out?

2019-06-05 3538

Wire bending machine is also called wire bending machine, wire bending machine, wire bending machine, wire bending machine, wire bending machine, wire forming machine, wire forming machine or automatic wire forming machine and wire forming machine.

1. Imported computer control system and imported servo motors from Taiwan for purchasing;

Secondly, the computer is a Chinese interface, easy to operate, accurate positioning, computer can control three to eight servo motors, all motors can work synchronously or independently;

Thirdly, according to the working conditions on the screen, the product can be corrected at any time in terms of its external diameter and viewpoint.

4. Planning of automatic lubrication and oil supply for mechanical automatic parts to ensure long-term operation of equipment;

Fifth, when wireless, disconnected, winding, automatic shutdown planning and automatic acceleration of wire rack function, make production easier and more effective;

6. Applicable to the production of wire crafts, metal wire forming, bathroom pendant, kitchenware pendant, wire bending, flower, arc, coil, spring, multi-function forming machine.